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Who we are:

We are Al Jalil Association, it is a local non - profit organization for registration number 1668. It was established..

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Our Strategic Aims:

We aim to support young children who are mostly at risk of violence and...

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Strategic Aims

أهدافنا الإستراتيجية

•دعم الأطفال المعرضين للعنف والمهمشين وتأمين الفرص لهم لتحسين ثقتهم بنفسهم وعيشهم في بيئة آمنة وشاملة.

•دعم الأطفال والشباب المعرضين لمخاطر التسرب المدرسي ويعيشون في ظروف خاصة وصعبة ومساعدتهم لتحديد قدراتهم وخياراتهم.

  • دعم الشباب والنساء الأكثر تهمشياً لتمكينهم إجتماعياً وإقتصادياً.

•العمل مع المجتمعات المحلية لبناءقدراتها والوصول معها إلى قرارات تشاكية وتنسيق الجهود من خلال منهجيات دمجية لتقديم خدمات نوعية مشترك.

•التأثير على صانعي القرارات ومقدمي الخدمات للمجتمعات الفلسطينية  في لبنان لتبني حقوق الفلسطيني وتأمين خدمات مناسبة له.

Our Strategic Aims

  • We aim to support young children who are mostly at risk of violence and neglect in the communities to provide them with opportunities to develop their confidence and to grow up in safer and more inclusive environment


  • We aim to support children and youth who are at risk of dropping out from school and living in particularly hard circumstances, and to help them realize their potentials, abilities, and options.


  • We aim to support the most vulnerable youth and women to empower them socially and economically.


  • We aim to work with local communities to build the capacity of those communities to take a more coordinated and inclusive approach to participatory decision-making and service provision.


  • We aim to influence the decision of key policy makers and service providers towards the Palestinian communities living in Lebanon to ensure the appropriate services.

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